Call and Win on GEMTV Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays after midnight from 1am to 3am.
Watch us live on GemTV! Also live stream to your computer and your mobile at at

$10 discount for each jewellery on

$10 discount for each jewellery on

As a Call And Win participant you receive great benefits in the webshop. Shop now!

With each and every call you make we give you a coupon worth of $10, which you can use to buy any Swarovski jewellery on the website.

To get your discount just use your phone number as a coupon code when you check out. 

With each call you get $10 worth of discount on any Swarovski item you purchase in the Jewellery Shop. Every time you call you will be awarded a $10 discount. The more you callm, the more items you get with $10 discount!

1 call = $10 discount - 1 item
call = 2 x $10 discount - 2 items
call = 3 x $10 discount - 3 items
and so on and so forth

Your coupon code is the phone number you called the show from. Just enter it when you check out and the price will decrease!

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